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The motto of National Beta is Let Us Lead by Serving Others. This motto, more than simply a catch phrase, states the philosophy upon which National Beta is based. Service to others is indeed one of the most important characteristics of Beta Club membership. Opportunities to serve are found in every school and community, whether large or small, urban, suburban or rural. There are needs that can be addressed by Beta members.

Examples of Service Projects
– Adopt a Highway Campaign
- Collect items for flood / disaster relief
- Assist local Head Start Programs
- Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
- Plant flowers for community beautification programs
- Establish tutoring service for peers
- Sponsor a child for Christmas
- Make fruit baskets for the elderly
- Adopt a family for the Holidays
- Start a recycling program in your school
- Rake leaves for a neighbor
- Collect children’s books for local daycare facilities
- Visit a local elderly care facility
- Participate in March of Dimes March for Babies (Walkathon)

Student Council

Our school has a very active Student Council. The Student Council is very unique in its structure as it is modeled after the National Government of the United States with Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches. The purposes of Student Council are: to be representatives of the school to the community; to develop qualities of leadership, character, scholarship, and citizenship in students by providing them with opportunities to serve their school and community; and fundraising to help worthy causes in the community to “give back to the community.” Other purposes of the Student Council are: to be positive role models for all students; understand the way Government works, in particular the National Government model of this country; to organize new activities; to serve as a channel of the expression of student opinion; and to serve as link between the students and the Administration whereby student input may be offered. Students in the Executive and Legislative Branches are elected by students from the 5th through 8th grades. Judicial Branch members are appointed by the President of the Student Council and confirmed by its Senate. Student Council is involved in various fundraising activities to promote the school and the well being of members of the community.

This year's Student Council is composed of the following students:

Eastside Elementary School

Student Council (2019-20)

Sponsor: Jason Gann

Executive Branch -

President: Kristin Bost

Vice President: Hunter Knight

Secretary: Chloe Rogers

Treasurer: Sofia Juarez

Legislative Branch -


Bebe Brackley

Lexie Hollandsworth

Jake Gilispie

Ansli Womack


Daisy Najera

Karigan Bost

Aspen Davis

Trace Bouldin

Samuel Blankenship

Kacen Nunley

Lily Herren

Layne McIver

Judicial Branch -

Chief Justice:

Dylan Vandeveer

Associate Justices:

Amelia McClure

Bryson Locke

Atlanta Fults